Local Short Films

South African Short Films screened at the Trial EIFF

Security (2014)

Security poster 317 x 444

Security, a short film by Mark Middlewick, is a drama about a lonely security guard, working the graveyard shift in a colossal Johannesburg shopping mall, who finds solace in a storefront mannequin.

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SA Production: Mannequin Pictures

The Briefcase (2013)

The Briefcase for slider 471 x 317

The Briefcase is about a young street criminal who steals a briefcase from his latest mark. Unaware of its contents, he sets off an unexpected chain of events. Written and directed by Travis Taute and Daryne Joschua of Gambit Films, it was selected for the Cannes International Film Festival Short Film Corner 2014.

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SA Production: Gambit Films

Valma Veronica (2014)

Valma Veronica 471 x 317

Valma Veronica is about the charismatic Basil Twine talking tenderly about his beloved wife Valma and their life together, reminiscing about the past and speaking about the present. The sad truth is gradually revealed, that Valma died a few years ago and Basil is a stage 2 Alzheimer’s sufferer.  Directed by Jolynn Minnaar.

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SA Producer: Dylan Voogt.

Past Tense (2013)

Past Tense 471 x 317

A couple meet for a blind date… The rest is history. Past Tense is a bitter sweet story about a young naïve couple, Langa and Zoe, who meet on a blind date. Everything seems to be going well until they are visited by future jaded versions of themselves. Future Langa and future Zoe try to discourage their young selves from ever dating in an effort to avoid their destructive lives together.

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SA Production: BENCHfilms

A Good Run (2013)

A Good Run

In the moment when death seems inevitable some guys run and some guys stand. In A Good Run the main character reflects on his life, love and the path which has led him to this inescapable end. This short film won 3rd place in the 48 Hour competition and was the official selection for Durban International Film Festival, Mzansi Short Film Festival and Shnit Cape Town. Written by Mishal Pandie and Matthew Griffiths and directed by Matthew Griffiths.

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SA Production: Echo Ledge Productions

Dirty Laundry (2013)

Dirty Laundry 471 x 317

Dirty Laundry is about a man, Roger, who goes to do his routine laundry at 1:08 am and gets abused by a middle-aged philandering businessman, attacked by a short angry man, mistaken for a B-grade spy, severely beaten, and scowled at by amorous teenagers. All he wanted was a 40-degree rinse and mild spin cycle.

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SA Production: Stealth Donkey Moving Pictures


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