The following films will be showcased at the EIFF:

Trouvoete (2015) (SA) 99 mins

Trouvoete 214 x 316

A doctor who knows the anatomy of the human body but nothing about the condition of the human heart, retreats home to his laptop after work to escape his bland life in chat room conversations with a certain “Natgrassterrekyker” who has vowed never to fall in love again. The inevitable happens but they discover that love is a complicated surgery all of its own.

Valhalla Productions. Directed by Darrell Roodt. Producer: Andre Frauenstein

Outcast (2015) (SA) 30 mins

Ben likes taking time to himself. The typical “Bear Grylls” type guy, he comes back from his annual hike to find his pregnant wife missing and the town of Knysna completely quiet except for the Dead that seem to still be alive. Not knowing what happened while he was gone, he goes on quest to find his wife and to find out why he’s the only outcast in the land of the Dead…

LMTL Entertainment (SA). Directed by Luretha Cronje. Producers: Portia Maree and Marochel Cronje

Die Ontwaking (2014) (SA) 80 mins

Die Ontwaking 214 x 316 

Abel has spent most of his life on a smallholding with his disturbed mother. He prepares animal skins and barters them for African and South American masks which he sells in his small city gallery. Abel is preparing a 50th birthday gift to himself. He wants a new face, of a beautiful young woman, and tattoos to fit his Cosmic Journal theme.

Advantage Entertainment/Showroom Theatre/Enigma Pictures (SA). Directed by Johnny Breedt. Producer: Vlokkie Gordon

In Light of Is (2016) (SA) 10 mins

In Light of Is 214 x 316 

When strange lights start appearing around their lake house, two sisters, Isabel (Is) and Anna start to realize that everything is not as it seems. While Anna desperately clings to reality, Isabel decides to give in to the magic and follow the lights.

Sinkwa Productions. Directed by Sabine Bittle. Producer: Jen Mostert

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Hard to Get (2014) (SA) 82 mins

Hard to Get 214 x 316

A handsome, young womanizer from a small community has the world at his feet when he falls for a sexy, reckless young thief. Thrust into Jo’burg’s criminal underworld he discovers that his best bet is to trust her.

Directed by Zee Ntuli. Producers: Junaid Ahmed, Helena Spring. Executive producer: Derek White

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Khumba (1985) (SA) 85 mins

Khumba 214 x 316

Rejected by his superstitious herd, a spirited half-striped zebra embarks on a daring quest to earn his stripes and finds the courage and self-acceptance to save all the animals of the Great Karoo.

Triggerfish Animation Studios. Directed by Anthony Silverston

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Scribblings (2015) (SA) 11 mins

Scribblings 214 x 316 

It isn’t easy being a writer, lost in your own world with girlfriends to maintain and sexy lodgers to deal with! This psychological thriller tells the story of a writer writing about  a writer, Jack, who takes in a lodger and how their relationship spirals out of control, blurring his reality.

Sinkwa Productions. Director: Oscar Barby. Producer: Jen Mostert

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Queens of Syria (2014) (UAE) 70 mins

Queens of Syria 214 x 316 

Syrian refugees in Jordan incorporate their stories of exile while work-shopping Euripides’ play The Trojan Women in this straightforward, absorbing documentary. The ancient text offers opportunities to express feelings of loss in the form of group therapy, adding an additional layer of poignancy to an already deeply charged play.

Refuge Productions with Sanad, the Asfari Foundation. Directed by Yasmin Fredda. Producers: Itab Azzam, Georgina Paget. Executive producers: William Stirling, Charlotte Eagar, Sawsan Asfari.

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Badland: Road to Fury

Badland Road to Fury 214 x 316 

Set in the future when water is hard to find, a teenage boy sets out to protect his family and survive.

Spier Films. Directed by Jake Paltrow. Producers: Tristan Lynch and Michael Auret.

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The Best of shnit Short Film Festival 60 mins

The shnit festival takes place between 7 and 10 October. The best films will be chosen once the festival is over, and the list will be posted here.

48HR Competition Films and Voting

The 48HR Film Project will run parallel with and form an integral part of the EIFF. It is an international short film competition where filmmakers compete to see who can write, edit and shoot the best short film (5 to 7 min long) within a 48-hour period—starting  from the competition briefing and ending with a finished short film submission.

Click here for more information.

Random Acts

Random Acts is a short-form arts strand airing five nights a week on Channel 4. Over the course of a year it showcases 260 specially commissioned three-minute films chosen for their bold and original expressions of creativity. A selection of these films will be shown at the EIFF, courtesy British Council

Click here to visit the Random Acts webpage.





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