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48HR Film Project Basic Guidelines

At the Kickoff Event on October 30, each team of filmmakers will draw a genre from a hat. Teams who don’t like their genre will be given the option to trade it for a random Wild Card genre.

But be careful… once you give up your genre, you can’t get it back—even if you don’t like your Wild Card option!

Your film must be true to the genre you have selected—and no trading with other teams!

Official Genres

Buddy Film, Comedy, Dark Comedy, Detective/Cop, Drama, Fantasy, Film de Femme, Fish out of Water, Horror, Holiday Film, Musical or Western, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller/Suspense.

Wild Card Genres

Coming of Age, Action/Adventure, Family Fun, Espionage, Inspirational Film, Mockumentary, Period Piece, Superhero.

Required Elements

A character, a prop and a line of dialogue will be announced just a few minutes before the Official Filmmaking Period begins. Filmmakers must use these as creatively as possible.

The elements will vary from city to city, but in each location ALL teams will have the same required elements and will compete for the most creative use of them.

It’s up to each team to decide how to integrate these elements into their own film.

Required Line

The required line of dialogue must be heard or seen (it may be written). It may be in a foreign language but if it is not clear that this is the required line, it should be translated.

Required Character

The required character does not have to be the star, but we must actually see him/her on the screen. Name tags, etc. are not necessary so long as the audience can infer who he/she is.

Required Prop

The required prop must be seen, and it should be used in your film in some way.

The competition is open to everybody. The entrance fee is R1 200.  CLICK HERE to register online. Space is limited, so register today!

Visit www.48hourfilm.com for more information on the 48HR Project.

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